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Branding & Communication

At times, it is intangible but often the most valuable asset for a company. Creating the branding for your company requires effective communication.

Branding includes elements like name, logo, colours and sounds to name a few. A brand's visual identity is the overall look of its communications. The tools of communication play a vital role in building the trust experience for existing and new audiences.

Inception of a global brand, generating awareness and extending the brand experience requires specific domain knowledge. At Festoon, we specialize in doing just that. Right from conceptualization and creation of a brand idea to establishing and promoting it through new and conventional media channels, our wide gamut of customized services covers all this and more.

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Bandhan Creations

Online Media

Have you ever wondered how much time do your customers or clients actually spend online these days?

Well, the amount is quite staggering. As per to Google, 97 percent of consumers search for businesses online. Do we say any more? If your customers are online then you should be too.

The importance of online media simply does not require any reiteration. It is your gateway to the world and your best way to communicate with it. At Festoon, we specialize in catering to all your online media needs. From visualization and conceptualization of your web branding solution to developing mobile friendly responsive websites to developing LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) platform based reliable, scalable, advanced and feature-rich back-end systems, there is everything that you might need.

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Delhi Public School, Newtown

Print Media

There are few things in the world that never loses its worth. Even in today's ever-changing communication scenario, without print, it is still not an effective communication.

At Festoon, we count our skills of designing innovative and impressive print media communication material as our key forte. From brochures, flyers, banners to posters and so on, we strive hard to utilize and nurture this medium to its optimum potential.

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Village Financial Services Pvt. Ltd.

Audio Visual Media

There is no medium like the audio-visual medium when it comes to creating an instant and sometimes even an ever lasting impact.

Developing an audio-visual involves multiple activities, starting from initial script writing to final sreenplay development to indoor/outdoor shooting to editing and related post production jobs.

Our expertise and experience in developing presentations, short film/documentary helps us to offer all these various activities under one roof and develop sleek and professional corporate audio-visuals.

Animation Studio

Catering to the various communication needs of our clients and providing an accurate solution to them has always been our prime target.

Our in-house animation studio has always been our main focus areas and is part of our constant endeavour towards being a one-stop hub across multi-disciplinary domains.

Over the years working for various projects, both national and international, in a wide array of industries and domains have contributed in enriching our experience and have helped in honing our skills further.

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DCL Haldia
ITC Limited

Social Communication

A communication can be called ‘effective’ only when it actually serves its purpose, only when it attains its goals and only when it fulfills its objectives.

The need for ‘effective communication’ is universal but arguably nowhere more than the development sector. If social communication is considered an art then it needs sustained effort, years of experience and deep understanding to excel in it. At Festoon, we can surely claim to be extremely conversant in that craft. Our rich and impressive experience of working in a quite dazzling range of social sector projects speaks for itself. From sanitation to microfinance, from women empowerment to tubewell installation, we are honoured to have been able to contribute in them all.