Williamson Magor Education Trust

January 30, 2015
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September 29, 2015

Williamson Magor Education Trust

Our Client:

Williamson Magor Education Trust

Brief Description about the Client:

The Williamson Magor Education Trust, which is a CSR initiative of the Williamson Magor Group, was established with the objective of encouraging education and cultural progress in Assam. It has successfully implemented projects like the Assam Valley School, the Assam Valley Literary Award and the Williamson Magor Scholarship Scheme for students with brilliant academic careers and many others.

Our Role:

The Williamson Magor Education Trust entrusted Festoon with the task of developing of an opening film to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Assam Valley Literary Award.

The Challenges:

The film was to be played at the very beginning of the 25th anniversary celebration event of the Assam Valley Literary Award. Within a short span of a few minutes the film had to showcase the objective and goal of the award, cover its long journey so far, the importance that it has attained over the years and at the same time had to focus on the greatness of literature and Assamese literature in particular.

Our Solution:

The film was developed keeping in mind the objectives of its production. The script was created to emphasize the importance of literature as a whole, the rich history of Indian literature and the invaluable contribution of Assamese literature in enriching it further. The primary goal of establishing this award by the Williamson Magor Education Trust, its journey so far and its future were also elaborately touched upon. Apart from the script, the supporting visuals, the video clips and the background music of the film all complimented in not only informing the viewer about the Assam Valley Literary Award but also complimented in providing a rich tribute to Assamese literature in general.