Bandhan Creations

January 19, 2015
January 30, 2015

Bandhan Creations

  • TaskPhotography + Website + Print Collaterals

Our Client:

Bandhan Creations

Brief Description about the Client:

Bandhan Creations is a national initiative by Bandhan Financial Services that links primary producers to mainstream markets. Under the initiative, Bandhan Creations is bringing together a national network of producer organisations, cooperatives and NGOs to plug the gaps, build their capacities and help them access markets through business development services and handholding. By working directly with small producers and craftspeople, Bandhan Creations brings a range of natural, high-quality handloom and handcrafted products.

Our Role:

The complete task of branding of Bandhan Creations was assigned to Festoon.

The Challenges:

Bandhan Creations was one of the most ambitious endeavours of Bandhan Financial Services. The company wanted to showcase Bandhan Creations as an entity that not only markets handicraft and handloom products of the top most quality but also wanted to equally emphasise the fact that it provides the best platform to the poor artisans and craftspeople of the country.

Our Solution:

The task of branding the company naturally started by redesigning their brand identity. The core thought, values and the primary business of Bandhan Creations was aptly captured in their new logo. The focus was equally given to its varied and superior product range as well as its vision towards promoting the welfare of the artisans and craftsmen. Based on the core branding thought and concept of Bandhan Creations was then extended through various collaterals like stationeries, website, banners, posters and so on.