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January 19, 2015
bandhan creations print work
Bandhan Creations
January 30, 2015


  • TaskBranding and Print Collateral Design

Our Client:


Brief Description about the Client:

Mellowcity is a new restaurant, part of the Sunshine Hotel, which has opened in the city of Raigarh in Chattisgarh.

Our Role:

Festoon was given the task of the complete branding project for the restaurant.

The Challenges:

Mellowcity was a new entrant in the fast growing and vibrant industrial city of Raigarh. The challenge in the project was to establish its brand among the restaurant goers, create an air of curiosity and buzz, and to market it as a place that offers lip-smacking ‘fast’ Indian delicacies to its customers. The campaign had to be simple, straight and yet effective.

Our Solution:

The task began by studying the branding trend and pattern of the area as well as customer expectations. Accordingly the first task was to provide a new name to the restaurant, which is intriguing and at the same time very impressive. The new brand identity of the restaurant was then designed. A smiling, cheerful character representing the restaurant was introduced who provided a funny, happy and easily approachable feel to the brand. A tag line was added with the logo which was simple but direct. The new branding thought for the restaurant was then carried out through various collaterals like stationeries, menu cards, posters and so on.