About Us

A decade and half is a pretty long time and it was in those days back in 2005 that we sensed the changing world of visual communication and wanted to try something new that would make a mark.

We had a ‘vision’ and we believed in it.

The aim was to establish a setup where creativity would be given precedence and ingenuity would be treasured. Where conventional way of thinking would be reconsidered and a new path would be created which can blend seamlessly in this ever-changing world.

The core design methodology was based on a simple guiding principle - Effortless, Efficient & Effective Communication.

Over these years it has been a story of successful evaluation and growth with constant introspection, modification and review. Physical growth of clients, manpower and infrastructure have not deviated us from the very basic essence of our design ethics but rather has contributed in strengthening it deeper.

Today this multi-disciplinary visual communication firm has carved a niche for itself in providing customized, innovative and need-based design solutions. The thrust as always is to explore more and to be more vibrant with thoughts and ideas. As always, Festoon is committed to achieve that.